What to Expect

Reveal is for rising 6th grade to 10th grade students.

We focus on three main components of the creative process at Reveal:

Dream – At Reveal, we aim to inspire you to dream. To think outside of the box and to be unique with the art you create. We serve a creative God! The maker of the universe displays His glory and His creativity in the beauty of His creation. We too were creatively & uniquely woven together by God and He has given us the ability to dream or imagine. No matter your art form, whether it be music, art, drama, dance, etc… He created you to be one-of-a-kind. 

Collaborate – One of the most important aspects of the creative process is collaboration. When we work together as a team amazing things can be accomplished. Creating as a team isn’t always easy but it’s a wonderful way to stretch your talent and it will often take a dream farther than just you alone could take it. At Reveal, you will work alongside many people your age all striving for the same goal. Though every person has a different skill or talent, you will discover just how valuable it is to create and play as a team.

Create – Creating something new is exciting but can also be challenging. At Reveal, we’re going to give you hands-on experience and training in your area of interest no matter what your skill level is. You’ll learn from talented instructors and professionals how to grow in your instrument or your craft and how to make the most out of practicing or learning something new.

What’s the Location, Date & Time?


North Ridge Church
115 Waketa Dr.
Asheboro NC, 27203

Date & Time:

Friday, July 30th: 9am – 8 pm

Saturday, July 31st: 9 am – 2 pm

For the full breakdown of the camp schedule see our 2021 Schedule.

What programs will be offered?

This year we are offering 7 different major track classes. A student’s major track will be their main course of study and focus during camp. This year, every student will attend the workshop sessions.


  • Instrumental Track: Drums, Keys/Piano, Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar, Bass
    • The instrumental track provides hands on training on your chosen instrument. You’ll learn the fundamentals of that instrument such as playing chords, note reading, and tuning. You’ll also explore advanced topics like the Nashville number system, capo transposing and more. The instructor will guide you and your fellow band mates through 3-4 songs that will put these fundamentals into practice.
  • Vocal
    • In the vocal track you will learn proper vocal technique. You’ll discover how to properly warm-up and protect your voice to promote good vocal health. You’ll develop your ear through aural skills training, learning to hear different  scales and pitches. You’ll learn to sing in a group, focusing on your blend in a group setting also training your ear to hear the melody and harmony parts of a song.7Z9A2290
  • Streaming (Twitch/Youtube) New for 2021!
    • Have you ever dreamed of starting your own YouTube channel? Or maybe you’d like to know the in’s and outs of what being a content creator on Twitch is all about. How do you keep the chat engaged while gaming at the same time? What kind of gear do I need for streaming? Does internet speeds matter? Can my PC handle that? For all of those aspiring content creators out there we have a course for you this year at Reveal! This summer we are joined by Dylan, aka, @deadlydillgame, a content creator and partner of GMA ministries, for a live crash course into the art of streaming and content creation. No matter your skill-level or area of interest in the subject, this course will offer a little something for everyone who’s ever thought of taking their art before a live online audience!Screen Shot 2021-05-04 at 4.19.30 PM
  • Dance
    • One of our most popular courses! The dance track is fun and full of energetic learning. If you love to dance or if you’ve always wanted to learn, this is your track. You will learn through dynamic warm ups, ballet technique, ballet choreography and much more. You’ll take part in a choreographed dance that will be showcased on the final day of camp.7Z9A4918
  • Art
    • In the art track you will be creating a mixed media collage. You’ll learn various techniques that can be used to enhance your collage, including: painting, drawing, printmaking, stamping, image transfers & sticker-making, and layering, among many others. Our materials will range from paints, papers, glue, recycled images, and stickers, to bubble wrap, string, found objects, old fabric, and beyond. We will focus on how to effectively communicate thoughts and ideas through non-traditional formats and create a meaningful aesthetic experience that can inspire both artist and viewer. This class is geared towards artist of all levels of experience. Mixed Media Collage is a fun, hands-on, and exciting way to make meaningful connections to your walk with God, while creating an artwork that is loaded with individuality and personal flair.7Z9A2198
  • Drama
    • The drama track will begin by introducing the subject of how to use Drama Ministry effectively. Direction will be given in doing sketches for ministry (mission fields, churches, camps, etc…). Students will learn a bit of the history of Theater and they’ll also take a look at Christian principles found in modern plays. Basic Acting techniques and methods will be covered, featuring principles from acting theorists such as Stanislovski, Uta Hagen, Meisner, and Barton. There will to an opportunity for students to learn beginning stages of stage combat, play writing, vocal techniques, and accents. Basics of directing will also be covered.7Z9A3593
  • Worship Technology
    • In this track you will discover why sound and production is one of the most vital roles of any live performance. Students will get hands on training in console mixing on a digital and analog board. You’ll learn the basics of mix building (eq, gain, compression, effects, etc…) on top of how to effectively communicate to your stage team. Producers will learn what it’s like to effectively build an excellent visual experience for the audience and why that is so important in today’s worship culture. Hands on training with production tools like lighting, ProPresenter, and audio mixing are just a few examples of what this course will cover.7Z9A2788
  • Film/Photography/Graphic Design
    • Another popular course at Reveal! This class will introduce you to the foundational principles of cinematography & Photography. We will discuss the different aspects of a shot that make it “cinematic”; how to create this look by using the principles of composition, depth of field, and exposure; and how to identify and use the various options on a professional video camera. This course will also dive into the core elements of screenwriting such as plot structure, character arc, common types of conflict, and proper screenplay format, so you can both read and create your own industry-standard screenplays. You will learn how to use light as an artistic element, discover the function of the three basic lights, and learn how to use these lights in different combinations for both static and dynamic shots. You will learn about the characteristics of different microphones, how to select and use your microphone on set, and how to use an audio recorder. Finally you will uncover the skills, training, and personality traits necessary to gain (and keep) an entry-level job in the film industry? Do you really carry coffee all day? This class will answer these questions and many more, giving you an insight into the reality behind the “movie magic.”7Z9A2682


  • Worship Band Workshop
    • In this workshop, we’ll take you through a live demonstration of what it means to play with and flow with a band. You’ll learn the role of each instrument/musician on the stage, what a music director does, and how dynamics are vital for a great live set.
  • Songwriting with The Dryes
    • In this workshop, Derek and Katelyn Drye will be sharing their knowledge on songwriting and what their journey to Nashville was like. “The first time the public got a taste of the country duo was when their first single “Amen” garnered a Rolling Stone Country mention in the “Top 10 Best Country Songs of the week.” CMT covered a spotlight on the music video for their next single “War,” saying “…this duo sings of a love worth fighting for in their latest single ‘War’.” Love finds a way…Sometimes in footage that has been asleep for thirty years. Through family footage and a powerful backstory, the song simply states: “If it’s love then it’s War / it’s worth fighting for.”

What do I need to bring?

Each class is different and thus will require different materials. Your instructor will notify you of materials specific to your class or classes before camp begins. It’s not required, but a notebook to keep up with your handouts/music/work etc… is a good idea.

When can I register and what does it cost?

Registration opens May 1st & Closes July 18th. The cost per student is as follows:

May 1st – July 18th (Registration Deadline)